User meeting 2018 was great success

Cheering presentation of the participants of the User Meeting 2018

This year´s user mee­ting was again a gre­at suc­cess. In good wea­ther and gre­at at­mo­s­phe­re a con­struc­ti­ve ex­chan­ge of ide­as, thoughts and ex­pe­ri­en­ces took place bet­ween more than 50 ex­ter­nal par­ti­ci­pants. In ad­di­ti­on to the ge­ne­ral ex­chan­ge, the par­ti­ci­pants had the chan­ce to dis­cuss and ask spe­ci­fic ques­ti­ons at su­per­vi­sed round­ta­bles. Bes­i­des, the par­ti­ci­pants en­joy­ed in­te­res­ting pre­sen­ta­ti­ons on cur­rent to­pics. An amu­sing evening pro­gram and first-class hos­pi­ta­li­ty roun­ded off the two days of the forum.

The pre­sen­ta­ti­on sli­des of the user mee­ting are avail­ab­le for down­load. To down­load, sim­ply re­gis­ter yourself in our cus­to­mer por­tal un­der You will immedia­te­ly re­cei­ve your cor­re­spon­ding ac­cess data. The do­cu­ments of the user mee­ting you find in the sec­tion “In­ter­nal down­load ser­vice”, “In­for­ma­ti­on material”. 

The en­t­i­re d.velop Life Sci­en­ces GmbH thanks all cus­to­mers and in­te­res­ted par­ties for their par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on as well as all sup­por­ters of the user mee­ting 2018.

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