Contract Management

Keep track of your contracts. Get reminders for deadlines like termination or renewal options in a multistage procedure Give every employee electronic access to those documents which are relevant to him/her. Create new contracts on the basis of text modules – always in the currently released version.

Your benefits

  • You keep track of your contracts
  • Every employee has simple access to those contracts which are relevant to him/her
  • The system reminds you automatically of termination dates and other dates
  • With a click, you receive a list of all contracts including meta data
  • In conjunction with our module “controlled documents” you receive an electronic review, approval and release workflow


  • Granular authorization system on contract level
  • Distinction between standard user, contract specialist and administrator
  • Multi-stage reminder functions and escalation mechanisms (clearing house)
  • Support for the import of existing contracts (classification, scanning)
  • Use of text modules and glossary function
  • Deadline calendar and appointment overview
  • Support of different duration schemes (limitation, automatic extension, termination period, due dates)
  • History function
  • Automatic generation of folder structures

Regulatory requirements e.g.

  • EU GMP guideline part 2, section 16

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