New sales support for d.velop Life Sciences

New sales representative of d.velop Life Sciences - Klaus Burmeester

We are plea­sed to in­tro­du­ce our new sa­les col­league Mr. Klaus Bur­mees­ter.

With Mr. Bur­mees­ter, we were able to hire ano­t­her em­ployee in the marketing/sales de­part­ment, who will help you as a con­ta­ct per­son for all sa­les-re­la­ted mat­ters in the future.

Mr. Bur­mees­ter can be reached un­der the pho­ne num­ber +49 2542 20201–65.

We are loo­king for­ward to a pro­duc­ti­ve and long-term coope­ra­ti­on and wish our new col­league a good start and much suc­cess in his new tasks.

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