All gui­de­li­nes for good working prac­ti­ce, which are par­ti­cu­lar­ly im­portant in me­di­ci­ne, phar­ma­cy and phar­maceu­ti­cal che­mi­stry, are sum­ma­ri­sed by the ab­bre­via­ti­on GxP.
The “G” stands for “good(s)” or “Good” and the “P” for “prac­ti­ce” and “Prac­ti­ce. The “x” in the midd­le is re­pla­ced by the re­spec­ti­ve ab­bre­via­ti­on for the spe­ci­fic ap­p­li­ca­ti­on area.

Gui­de­li­nes in the GxP en­vi­ron­ment are set, for ex­amp­le, by the Eu­ro­pean Me­di­ci­nes Agen­cy and the Ame­ri­can Food and Drug Ad­mi­nis­tra­ti­on, or FDA for short.
Com­pli­an­ce with the es­tab­lis­hed gui­de­li­nes is re­gu­lar­ly che­cked by the mo­ni­to­ring aut­ho­ri­ties of the re­spec­ti­ve countries.

“L” for Laboratory
“D” for distribution
“C” for Clinical
“M” stands for “Ma­nu­fac­tu­ring”

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