Feedback Seminar “Industrie 4.0 für Pharma” by PTS

Feedback PTS Industry 4.0

As sche­du­led, on 6th Fe­bru­a­ry 2018 the se­mi­nar “In­dus­trie 4.0 für Phar­ma” by PTS Training

Ser­vice took place in Frank­furt a. M.
The spea­kers, among them Thi­lo Gu­kel­ber­ger – ma­na­ging di­rec­tor of d.velop Life Sci­en­ces GmbH, re­por­ted on the ef­fects of di­gi­ta­liz­a­ti­on in phar­maceu­ti­cal in­dus­try with re­gard to pro­ces­ses and work­pla­ces. The vi­si­tors gai­ned many in­sights into the dis­rup­ti­ve re­vo­lu­ti­on and the role of the in­di­vi­du­al in this context.

Bes­i­des, the ad­van­ta­ges of di­gi­ta­liz­a­ti­on for GMP pro­ces­ses and its cor­re­spon­ding do­cu­men­ta­ti­on were brought clo­ser to the ex­pert au­di­ence.
Lis­teners en­joy­ed the ex­ci­ting se­mi­nar with lots of in­for­ma­ti­on and many prac­ti­cal ex­amp­les and were also gi­ven ide­as whe­re the jour­ney of di­gi­ta­liz­a­ti­on could go in the future.

Via the fol­lowing link you will re­cei­ve fur­ther in­for­ma­ti­on and do­cu­men­ta­ti­on on the cor­re­spon­ding topics:

If you have any ques­ti­ons on the to­pics, plea­se feel free to con­ta­ct us at any time.

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