eQMS goes live in a record time of three to five months at Aristo Pharma Group companies

Photo showing the entrance door of the company building of Aristo Pharma Group

The Aris­to Phar­ma Group in­tro­du­ces the do­cu­ment and qua­li­ty ma­nage­ment sys­tem of d.velop Life Sci­en­ces to fur­ther com­pa­nies of the group in a re­cord time of three to five mon­ths. In ad­di­ti­on to the in­tro­duc­tion of va­rious so­lu­ti­ons (e.g. SOP, MQM, …), the main fo­cus was pri­ma­ri­ly on the mi­gra­ti­on of QM do­cu­ments and qua­li­fi­ca­ti­on pro­files while con­si­de­ring spe­ci­fic processes.

Due to an ex­em­pla­ry coope­ra­ti­on bet­ween Aris­to Phar­ma Group and d.velop Life Sci­en­ces, it was pos­si­ble to ful­ly in­te­gra­te a to­tal of six com­pa­nies into the d.3 Life Sci­ence sys­tem in just un­der two ye­ars. The­se in­clu­de to date:

  1. [02/2019 – 02/2020] — Pro­ject du­ra­ti­on ap­prox. 12 mon­ths — Aris­to Phar­ma GmbH
  2. [01/2020 – 06/2020] — Pro­ject du­ra­ti­on ap­prox. 5 mon­ths — LINDOPHARM GmbH
  3. [07/2020 – 09/2020] — Pro­ject du­ra­ti­on ap­prox. 3 mon­ths — es­par­ma Phar­ma Ser­vices GmbH
  4. [07/2020 – 09/2020] — Pro­ject du­ra­ti­on ap­prox. 3 mon­ths — Stei­ner pharmaceuticals
  5. [10/2020 – 01/2021] — Pro­ject du­ra­ti­on ap­prox. 4 mon­ths — Ad­van­ce Phar­ma GmbH
  6. [10/2020 – 02/2021] — Pro­ject du­ra­ti­on ap­prox. 4 mon­ths — Phar­ma Wer­ni­ge­ro­de GmbH

Sin­ce Fe­bru­a­ry 2021, all six Ger­man com­pa­nies of the Aris­to Phar­ma Group are using d.3 Life Sci­en­ces. You can find out how things will de­ve­lop in the fu­ture and which steps are still on the agen­da in a suc­cess sto­ry on our Re­fe­rence page.

Brief in­tro­duc­tion: Aris­to Pharma

Aris­to Phar­ma was foun­den in 2008 and wi­t­hin a very short time has been able to es­tab­lish its­elf among the most im­portant phar­maceu­ti­cal com­pa­nies. The work­for­ce in­clu­des around 1750 em­ployees throughout the Aris­to Phar­ma Group. The fo­cus of the pro­duct ran­ge is on well-known ori­gi­nal pro­ducts in ad­di­ti­on to a broad selec­tion of the most im­portant ac­ti­ve in­gre­dients in the ge­ne­rics mar­ket. In ad­di­ti­on, an ex­ten­si­ve selec­tion of her­bal me­di­ci­nes, some of which have been tried and tes­ted for de­ca­des, as well as mo­dern me­di­cal pro­ducts and aids are offered.

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