adeon ag

Our partners in Switzerland

Since 2003, the adeon AG is successfully concerned with the sales and integration of innovative software solutions like Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and document management (DMS) systems in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

d.velop AG

The d.velop AG is a medium-sized software company with 350 employees headquartered in Westphalian Gescher and a total of 500 employees in the d.velop group.

Doccomplete BV

Our partner in the Netherlands

Doccomplete NL has many years experience in software projects of the pharmaceutical industry, especially regarding the introduction of ERP and eDMS systems in the GxP environment requiring validation.

edoc solutions ag

The edoc solutions AG located in Weilerswist near Cologne is our partner with long-term experience regarding the introduction of ECM systems, especially regarding the integration into third-party applications like e.g. ERP systems.

Maas & Peither

Thilo Gukelberger writes for the GMP compliance adviser of the publishing company Maas&Peither. The GMP compliance adviser is the standard reference work on GMP in German-speaking countries. More information you will find here:

Author Thilo Gukelberger
GMP-compliance adviser
Paperback volume 5 GMP compliant computer systems in pharmaceuticals industry (Extract from GMP compliant adviser)


Microsoft Silver Application Development

PTS Training Service

PTS Training Service has been offering seminars, webinars, eLearning modules, in-house trainings and conferences with a focus on GxP for almost 30 years. These include basic training courses for beginners and those switching to GxP, intensive training courses for in-depth topics and expert seminars for holistic training in the pharmaceutical, active pharmaceutical ingredient and medical device industries.


The RSH GbmH located in Munich is our partner in southern Germany. The owner-managed company has more than 20 years of experience in the field of ECM projects.